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During 2012 I worked on a short film called ‘ Jonah ‘ at Factory Fifteen

You can watch the film now on Vimeo:

Directed by Kibwe Tavares (in partnership with Film4, BFI, Channel4, Jellyfish Pictures, Shine Films, Rubedo Studio, Warren Holder)

Working on a mixture of over 10 shots, covering most roles withing the 3D/VFX pipeline, It was a great challenge and experience working closely with the Director and the team at Factory Fifteen,

Here are a selection of shots I worked on as shot-lead artist – I was responisible for pretty much all elements on the shots, covering everything from design, layout, look development – lighting, textures/shaders to rendering and Comp.

TRA_10_0019_02shot_04_02 022_CTY_094_02 022_CTY_45_01 022_01 shot_50_01raj_mahal_02

Factory Fifteen